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☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★ hey im layna/lanya... vocaloid, sherlock, homestuck, and other stuff also my sugoi waifu katie (appleberry-blast) uvu

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Hahahaha who needs laptops and tablets i have a touchscreen stylus now.

Oh and the is a tribute to the Striders. All incarnations.

Wow i need to figure out how to crop picture. :T

wowow idk i really like this
sorry suddenly using old account

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Yeah, because we ALL know that just because she likes baking that automatically makes her chubby, because skinny people can’t like baking somehow.


but what if you just like it
sorry mindlessly reblogging

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katie says that ask isnt from her and im so confused

im watching naruto oUo

im still suspicious

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katie says that ask isnt from her and im so confused

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Anonymous asked: hey shithead post some of your art

no its bad trust me and my tablets broke also is this katie

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ok so in all honesty i dont really care how old you are as long as you just dont act like a big shithead. i mean youre not a special snowflake i made a tumblr when i was in like fourth grade; a friend had told me about it.(lost interest and visited it again years later) and to the people who are getting upset over it; who cares?? i mean i doubt youd be able to tell unless they mentioned it. grow up

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why am I looking at the unpopular homestuck opinions page again

these opinions are so closed minded and aggressive

they make me so angry hnrg

ok reblogging from my old account because i forgot my password for my new one ha….. and i feel the same way!!!! its also the way people reply to the opinions and they can be really aggressive sorry aha…sigh

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07/07/12 ♥ 1

ok he he he

its gonna be striderseduction

ill be making it right now! gonna go around following people uvu

07/06/12 ♥ 0

hi guys im making a new tumblr

you can follow me again

but yeah ill prob post again in like twenty minutes with the username

he he he

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Afro Circus is everything
→ My dad age 47
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Anonymous asked: i got a similar message from of my followers but you actually should go to tumblrstaff(.)com for free headphones.. it works

how about

06/14/12 ♥ 1

wowowow im going to valley fair in mn with my neighbors and im gonna wear one of my hs shirts possibly virgo but i cant find it?? so yeah but maybe ill see another homestuck ahhhhh
also i ordered two kigus and im very excited!!!!!!! anyways l8r

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misha collins

"I don’t have to fuck with it, it’s fine."

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This is my friend Emily. She is beautiful. She is 14 years old. She plays guitar, sings, acts, is super smart… 

Unfortunately, she’s a victim of extremely cruel cyber bullying.

I really think it’s corny when people do this, but I feel like if we can get her some notes on tumblr, that maybe she’ll finally believe how beautiful she really is.
Thanks you guys.  

ok wow i dont usually reblog these things (no seriously i dont think i ever have im a bad human being) but oh my god, she is really beautiful!!!! im sorry about the cyber bullying…ahhhh what a cutie /)>v<(\

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